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Face Clinic

Welcome to The Harley Street Face Clinic. A state-of-the-art centre for timeless, classic aesthetic beauty procedures located in the heart of Harley Street. Founded a team of award-winning and internationally renowned aestheticians, The Harley Street Face Clinic offers the most advanced and revolutionary nonsurgical treatments in a luxurious and discrete setting.

The Harley Street Face Clinic is not only where innovate science and beauty technologies combine, it is also home to his highly skilled and expertly trained team of registered specialists. The entire Harley Street Centre for Luxury Beauty team is dedicated to providing excellent levels of patient care at all times in order to achieve natural, long lasting results.

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Treatments at The Harley Street Face Clinic are highly exclusive and patients must go through a rigorous selection process before they can schedule an appointment. Each application will be reviewed carefully by our beauty team before being accepted to ensure that we can offer impeccable, luxurious service at all times.

Our expertly trained beauty team are devoted to nurturing and building valued relationships with patients in order to best understand the individual taste of the patient and the desired outcome. Every recommendation made by our beauty team is perfectly tailored to suit the patient's aspirations and lifestyle. From the moment the patient arrives at The Harley Street Face Clinic, they will enjoy a sumptuous, VIP experience and will be guided through every step by our board-certified registered specialists who have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the latest trends and advancements in non surgical procedures.

What’s New

Facelift – should I go surgical or non-surgical?

August 24th, 2020

We offer both treatments here at The Harley Street Face Clinic, so that you can achieve your facial rejuvenation goals for a more youthful you, for years to come.

Jawline contouring Harley Street

August 6th, 2020

Jawline contouring using dermal fillers is a quick, safe and effective way to correct any imperfections in this area and leave you with a more youthful appearance and smoother complexion for years to come, with no need for invasive surgery.

What to expect with chin filler

August 6th, 2020

Correcting features such as the chin need not always involve lengthy and invasive surgery. With today’s modern techniques using dermal fillers, we can achieve a more pleasing, natural result in minutes and that last for months on end.

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